Clip for securing grapevines "Parrot"

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Discover our clip for securing grapevines, the perfect accessory for your vineyard. It is resistant and easy to use, ensuring a secure and reliable grip on the vines, avoiding accidental releases. Order now and improve the yield of your vineyard!


Discover our clip for guyot trellis locking, the new patented accessory that allows you to secure the trellis without the use of ties. Thanks to its innovative design, the clip remains firmly in position on the wire and can be used for years, ensuring a considerable saving of time and money. Made with high-quality materials, the clip for guyot trellis locking is the solution for all wineries and farms that want to optimize their harvesting process and reduce maintenance costs. Don't miss the opportunity to improve your production and reduce costs.
Order your clip for guyot trellis locking now and discover all the benefits it can offer you!

Clip Trellis Vineyard

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